IMG_6845A cruise on Loch Ness, Scotland

Yvonne Gordon goes monster-hunting on Loch Ness“We’ve had quite a few sightings of big things in the loch. About 3,500. We send away scans, but nobody knows what it is,” says Dave [Read more]

clipperThe largest sailing ship in the world

A cruise on the world’s biggest fully-rigged sailing ship

Looking up at the tangle of ropes and rigging swaying about like thread in the wind, I feel my knees go weak. Even as I clip on my harness, I torture myself with what-ifs. The crow’s nest, about one third of…[Read more]

ru_promenade_deck_lgNew Wave – A Mediterranean Cruise

Finding your sea legs on a first big ship cruise

I’m standing under a ship that could be mistaken for a row of apartment blocks all joined together. It’s the Ruby Princess and…[Read more]